Friday, 27 May 2016

Maven Settings Everywhere

Maven can have its settings.xml defined in more ways:

1. Global settings: inside %MAVEN_INSTALL_FOLDER%/conf/
   This file is always used! And you should be aware about this in cases you will also take settings.xml in other way.

2. User settings:  inside %USER_HOME%/.m2/
   This file is optional. Any settings defined in the user settings take precedence over the corresponding global settings.

3. Command line: through --settings %SETTINGS_FILE_PATH%
If there is a global settings file, but in some cases you must use another settings file from command line, you should also override the global settings  from command line with:

  --global-settings %SETTINGS_FILE_PATH%

One problem I encountered if you do not do it so is related to mirrors. For example you can have in global settings file:


and inside settings.xml used through command line other mirror like:


and a repository with id = mydependency  which must be resolved from a specific url repo (other than http://myrepo2/).

Because of the mirror in global settings mydependency wont't be resolved by its specific repo, but from the url http://myrepo/ (because of mirror rules) and it will not be found!

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

NextReports: Till Next Time!

        After working for so many years on NextReports I wondered what was it's actual birthday?

        We started on early 2006 to work on it (perhaps first classes where written even at the end of 2005), but the first installer for users was created at the end of the year. Keeping all old releases even far before the first one which hit the shelves as a downloadable on NextReports site (version 2.0 on 6 of March 2009), I found it easily: it was a 0.3.21-beta created on 18 of December 2006. So I guess this is the real birthday date.

        9 years and 4 months have passed from then and so many things happened meanwhile. Year after year a new release was born with new features, new hopes and new wishes. Year after year people
encouraged us to continue and to not give up. And we did. For ten years.

        I look at the first article published on NextReports blog "NextReports : A Reports Tale" and even now I can sense the joy, the unrest, the vision and most of all the simplicity of NextReports.

        Now, the time has passed and the steps will guide us to other horizons. The work is there , our part of life is there and I just hope it will continue to exist long time from now.

NextReports Log :  April 2016